Who are we?

Ilan Kelman, University College London and Norwegian Institute of International Affairs


Ilan Kelman is a Reader in Risk, Resilience and Global Health at University College London and a researcher at NUPI (Norwegian Institute of International Affairs). His main research relates to two areas: (i) creating and maintaining safer and healthier communities on islands and in other isolated areas such as Arctic communities and (ii) disaster diplomacy, how and why disaster-related activities do and do not reduce conflict and create peace.  Other areas include school safety, disaster-related education, disaster deaths, refugee settlement and shelter, and connecting research and practice. He has lived and worked in Barbados, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, Norway, the U.K., and the U.S.A.  More details are available at http://www.ilankelman.org


Julia S P Loe, Menon


Julia S. P. Loe is a political scientist and leader of Menon’s High North and Russia team (see www.menon.no). She works on projects related to the petroleum sector, business development and sustainable development in the Arctic. She holds a MA degree in “International Studies and Diplomacy” from SOAS, University of London, a BA in Comparative Politics from the University of Bergen and a BA in Journalism from Volda University College. Previously, Julia worked as senior consultant at Pöyry Management Consulting, where she was part of the Russia and petroleum group. She has also worked as a journalist in leading Norwegian media enterprises such as Mandag Morgen, Dagens Næringsliv and Bergens Tidende.


Daniel Fjærtoft, Sigra Group


Daniel Fjærtoft is an energy sector economist with extensive working experience from Russia, the FSU and the High North / Barents Region in particular. He has worked extensively on the petroleum and powers sector of Norway and Russia as well as other FSU countries.

Daniel is a highly fluent Russian speaker and specializes in stakeholder consultation, coordination and collaboration in Russia and FSU countries bringing out the full synergies’ potential within project teams and maximizing projects’ influence on stakeholders from FSU countries. (Photo: Sigra Group)


Dr. Elena Nikitina

Elena Nikitina

Dr. Elena Nikitina is a political scientist focusing on environmental policy, climate change and water governance. Involved in research on environmental policy in the Arctic; member of the Russian delegation to the Arctic Council senior officials meetings. Lead author for the IPCC 4th and 3rd assessment reports. Vice-chair of the Scientific Committee of the International Human Dimensions Program, IHDP. Member of the expert committee for Sustainable development working group (SDWG) of the Arctic Council.

Dr. Nina Poussenkova, Sampo Energy and Environment Research Institute of World Economy and International Relations

Nina 533

Dr. Nina Poussenkova is the Executive Director of Sampo Energy and Environment Research Limited and Senior Research Fellow of the Institute of World Economy and International Relations. She has been involved in the Russian oil industry since 1991, working in the 1990s in the Center for Foreign Investment and Privatization, and in Salomon Brothers and Lazard Freres investment banks. In 2006-2008 she was director of the Energy Program of the Carnegie Moscow Center.

Elana Wilson Rowe, Norwegian Institute of International Affairs


Elena Wilson Rowe is a Senior Research Fellow at the Norwegian Institute of International Affairs, and adjunct Professor at the Centre for High North Business and Governance at the University of Nordland

PhD, 2006, Scott Polar Research Institute/Department of Geography, University of Cambridge

Wilson Rowe’s research interests centre around international relations in the Arctic, Russian northern and climate policy and the role of science and experts in global governance more broadly. Her PhD dissertation examined the relationship between indigenous peoples, oil companies and the state in northern Canada and Russia. She is the author of Russian Climate Politics: When Science Meets Policy (Palgrave, 2013), editor of Russia and the North (University of Ottawa Press, 2009) and co-editor of The Multilateral Dimension in Russian Foreign Policy (Routledge, 2009, with Stina Torjesen) and Russia’s Encounter with Globalization (Palgrave, 2011,  with Julie Wilhelmsen).


Emma Wilson, the International Institute for Environment and Development

Emma Wilson

Dr Emma Wilson is a senior researcher and Energy Team leader at the International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED) – a non-profit policy research institute in London. Emma has over 16 years’ experience of working on the energy sector and sustainable development. Her research focuses on how investment and business models can be targeted towards sustainable use of energy, locally and globally. This includes corporate responsibility, transparency, conflict and company-community relations in the oil and gas sector; analysis of private sector roles in decentralised energy service delivery; and community-based decision-making. She has worked in South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana, Russia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Qatar and Greenland.

Prior to joining IIED, Emma worked on the oil and gas sector and community development in the Russian North and Far East, the Former Soviet Union and Qatar. Emma completed her PhD in 2002 at the Scott Polar Research Institute, Cambridge University, with a dissertation on the Sakhalin offshore oil and gas projects and company-community relations. She subsequently worked as a consultant to Shell on the Sakhalin-2 project and a gas-to-liquids project in Qatar.

IIED website: http://www.iied.org/