Nenets Autonomous Okrug, Russia

This case study examines the CSR activities of the oil and gas companies operating in the region and perceptions of corporate responsibility amongst companies, regional and local authorities, local population and interest organisations, including for indigenous peoples. What do oil and gas companies do to support the local community socially, culturally and environmentally? What do local community groups expect from the companies, and how do different stakeholders interact?

The most active companies exploiting onshore petroleum reserves in the region are NaryanmarNeftegaz (100% owned by Lukoil), Polar Lights (50% owned by Rosneft), Rosneft and Lukoil, are the most active companies in the region.

NAO boasts the highest gross regional product per capita in Russia as well as the second highest average wages in the country, after Moscow.

NAO has regional-level legislation that defines relations between companies and communities leading to significant experience in drawing up benefits agreements with local communities.


Naryan-mar, the administrative centre of NAO (Photo: Julia Loe)

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