Hammerfest is a small town in Northern Norway, with about 10.000 inhabitants. Until recently the town experienced economic challenges and depopulation. The construction of the liquefied natural gas site on Melkøya has resulted in an economic boom and new optimism in Hammerfest.

Hear what some of the citizens of Hammerfest make of these changes.

  • The natural gas field Snøhvit (Snow White) is situated 140 km northwest of Hammerfest. It  was approved by Norway in 2002 and came on-stream in 2007.
  • The off shore Goliat oil-field is situated 85 km northwest of Hammerfest. It was approved by Norway 2009 and production is scheduled to commence in 2013.
  • Snøhvit and Goliat  are the first gas and oil fields north of the Arctic Circle to be developed in Norway.

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