Sustainability and Petroleum Extraction: Corporate and Community Perspectives in Northern Norway and the Russian Arctic

This project aims to identify and reconcile differences in perceptions and practices of CSR in Northern Norway and Arctic Russia, providing a baseline for cross-border dialogue and collaboration amongst players related to petroleum extraction. New knowledge is generated through analysing original case studies in Norway and Russia. Read more.

Case studies

Hammerfest, Norway

This case study focuses on how petroleum activity has affected the local community in Hammerfest, identifying practices and perceptions of corporate social responsibility among petroleum producers, local population, authorities, businesses and organizations . Read more.


Nenets Autonomous Okrug, Russia

This case study examines the CSR activities of the oil and gas companies operating in the region and perceptions of corporate responsibility amongst companies, regional and local authorities, local population and interest organisations, including for indigenous peoples.  Read more.

Komi Republic, Russia

This case study explores the CSR expectations of local communities in respect to the operations of oil companies in the Pechora Basin. Some of the operations extend beyond the Komi Republic to the Nenets Autonomous OkrugRead more.

Murmansk, Russia

This case study represents the most internationalised project in the Russian Western Arctic and focuses on if and how foreign and Russian CSR practices are being integrated in a Russian context. Read more.

Project leader Ilan Kelman, Ilan Kelman, University College London and Norwegian Institute of International Affairs.
Project leader Julia S P Loe, Menon.
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